Who's That Chick?

"Who's This Chick?"

Well, it's Rihanna in a stunning PVC outfit and all this just days after we saw her best friend Katy Perry looking purr-fect in a latex catsuit.


The Umbrella star slipped into the PVC outfit for an exclusive video performance of her new song 'Who's That Chick' with David Guetta.

But we can't show you the video as it's only available to people who buy special packets of Doritos chips.

The video is available in both day and night settings. To unlock Rihannas extraordinary Late Night performance, fans must scan a special marker against a webcam which can be only found on the back of the limited-edition packets of the chips.

Fans can personalize Rihannas performance by the way they hold and move the bag, offering up a new experience each and every time.

Im really excited about Whos That Chick and wanted to find a fresh and unique way to share it with my fans, said Rihanna.

'Whos That Chick' will eventually be released on David Guettas upcoming album, One More Love, on 29th November.


Professor Green is also involved in the promotion. His new song Coming To Get Me has been shot using a cutting edge 360 degree camera allowing fans (with the correct chips packets) to interact, manipulate and direct the video as they desire and watch him perform as hes never been seen before.

TO see the exclusive performances, go to www.doritoslatenight.com