Rihanna's Navy Backlash Against "Fat" Jibe

A comment made by a fan about the 'We Found Love' video has made Rihanna think she needs to cut down on donuts, but her Navy have reacted angrily in support of the singer.

A Rihanna fan took to Twitter to tell the 'We Found Love' singer that she "looks fat in the we found love pics =[".

Rihanna re-tweeted the comment and said the remark made her want to stop eating treats.

"I peeped that too *puts down donut*," the 'Cheers' star said.

But we think Rihanna looks stunning in the new pictures (see full photo below), and from the Twitter backlash it seems Rihanna's navy do too.

"Having curves doesn't mean she's fat u dumbass," one fan tweeted.

"Fat? Are you for real.." said another.

"u betta pick that donut back up! u aint nowhere near fat," another Rihanna supporter posted.

Rihanna has been filming the music video for 'We Found Love' in Northern Ireland wearing a skimpy bandana-style bikini with jeans and a checked shirt for parts of the shoot, while others see her in a cropped jumper and jeans.

The video and new single are expected to be released next month while Rihanna is in the UK on her 'Loud' tour.

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