Rihanna's 'S&M' video deemed too sexy

Rihanna's 'S&M' video has been deemed too sexy by TV regulators.

The move comes after complaints were issued after the racy clip was first aired on WTF TV at 11.30am back in March.

The video, which showed the singer semi-naked and tying a man to the bed, has since been banned in several countries and YouTube only made the clip available to viewers over 18. 

Following an investigation, TV regulator Ofcom has ruled that the video 'clearly and repeatedly focused on sex, bondage and sadomasochistic sexual practices as a theme'.

It also said that certain scenes 'could have potentially dangerous consequences if imitated by children'.  

The regulator has called broadcasters to an emergency meeting to discuss their policies on racy music videos, according to The Guardian.

'We will be requesting that broadcasters who transmit such programming attend a meeting at Ofcom to discuss the compliance of such material,' a statement by Ofcom added.