Rihanna working with Taio Cruz

It sounds like Taio Cruz getting to the top of the charts in the US charts with 'Break Your Heart' has got him noticed over there.

Taio has been signed by L.A, Reid, head of the highly influential Def Jam records, whilst he was in the US. Rihanna has revealed in today's Daily Star that she'll be working in the studio with Taio after she finishes her 'Last Girl on Earth' tour. This includes her appearance at Capital's Summertime Ball on June 6th.

Rihanna told the Daily Star: "We will start recording when we get back to Los Angeles. Taio has been signed by L.A. Reid and I think he's great."

Taio, meanwhile, has given us a few clues about what we can expect from the tracks he'll work on with Rihanna. Backing away from the recent rock-influenced sound and focussing on Rihanna's pop sound, perhaps best shown on her third album 'Good Girl Gone Bad'.

"I really like her single 'Please Don't Stop the Music', so the tracks I've written for Rihanna are in that vein."

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