Rihanna on Total Access

Rihanna will be releasing her eagerly-awaited new album 'Rated R' on November 23rd, so to find out what we can expect from the new record, our Total Access host Kevin Hughes called her for a chat.

But before the global release of her album, Rihanna will be in London on November 16th, promoting the new record at an exclusive Nokia gig. But the cool thing is, that everyone will be able to watch it via an exclusive live stream on the Nokia website!

At this gig, she will be showcasing material from her upcoming album 'Rated R'. To find out more about this hugely anticipated event, visit the Come Get Rihanna Live site

But what kind of sound can we expect from the new album? Are there any big collaborations on the record? Questions, questions! If you click on the play button below, you'll get some answers!

Exclusive interview with Rihanna