Rihanna 'insults' Donald Trump

Rihanna 'insulted' Donald Trump after missing a private gig.

Rihanna was set to perform at his Mar-a-Lag club in Palm Beach. She was paid $500,000 but had to cancel at the last minute due to feeling ill.

She was replaced by Jennifer Hudson, but Donald was annoyed when Rihanna went on to perform at the NBA All-Star game.

He said: 'I thought that (Rihanna cancelling) was insulting to everyone. But for Rihanna to go to the (NBA) All-Star game and perform after she told us she was sick, that is just a lack of respect.'

However Rihanna's rep told Access Hollywood: 'Rihanna was recovering (from) bronchitis and her doctor advised her not to get on a plane as she would risk losing her voice and damaging her vocal chords.

'She feels terrible she couldn't attend but was so grateful Jennifer Hudson graciously stepped in.'