Rihanna: "I Want To Start Making Music Videos"

14 April 2012, 09:11 | Updated: 14 April 2012, 09:14

The 'You Da One' singer says she hopes to one day help out new artists and have her own company.

Rihanna has confessed that she has a passion for making music videos and wants to start a company which lets her help new artists with their look for the promos.

The 'Talk That Talk' star told Elle magazine that she is thinking ahead for when she eventually starts a family of her own so she can still keep involved in the business even when she is at home.

She revealed: "I want to get into making music videos for other artists, or start a company where labels give me new artists who need a new look. I guess I'm planning for when I want a family. That way I don't have to be on tour - I can still be rocking my s**t at home."

The star is currently making her first venture into the world of acting with a starring role in the new Battleship film.

The Bajan star told Capital that she was pleased to start something completely new and go back to the beginning and feel like an amateur again.

Meanwhile, RiRi is preparing for the release of her new single 'Where Have You Been' and recently unveiled the cover artwork for the track.