Mikky Ekko Says Grammy Awards 2013 Duet With Rihanna Was "Unreal"

13 February 2013, 12:45

The musician reveals that he's received a host of new offers to write since the song 'Stay' was unveiled.

Mikky Ekko, the man behind Rihanna's latest single 'Stay', has opened up about his recent duet with the star at last weekend's Grammy Awards 2013.

The American songwriter penned the Bajan star's latest hit single and told the Daily Star that he never expected to be appearing at the Staples Center alongside the female superstar.

"I never thought I'd get to be at the Grammys until it actually happened," he confessed. "It just felt unreal beforehand, one of those ideas that would never come off."

Mikky also admitted that since the song was released, he has received a host of offers to write material.

"I've had a lot of invitations to write since 'Stay', and it's pushed things to a crazy level," he said. 

Speaking about his next immediate focus, the siner continued: "But I'm looking at my own record and thinking: 'Man, I really need to get things done – ideally yesterday'."

As well as performing 'Stay' at the Grammys on Sunday night (10th February), Rihanna also joined Sting and Bruno Mars for a special tribute to Bob Marley at the Staples Center.