Rihanna Fans Handed Court Fine For Playing The Star's Songs Too Loudly

28 February 2012, 15:13 | Updated: 28 February 2012, 15:26

The couple from York say the Bajan star is their favourite artist and has a great range of music.

A couple from York have been handed a £1,215 fine for playing Rihanna songs too loudly at their home.

Sean Brough and Lyndsey Smith apparently ignored complaints from their neighbours and admitted their love of the 'We Found Love' singer was down to her diverse range of music.

Sean told The Telegraph: "We are a young family, and when the kids go to their grandma's on a weekend we do let out hair down a bit, but nothing crazy.

"We do listen to other music but Rihanna is our favourite. She has such a great range of music and she has had several albums out since she came on the scene about six years ago, all of them good.  Of course there is the added bonus of her being very hot."

The pair told a court room they thought their neighbours were being over the top and insisted the music wasn't causing too much disturbance.

"We accept we were playing the music but I don't think we played it that loud. We don't get on that great with the neighbours next door so I think it has more to do with that, the neighbours on the other side didn't mind," added Sean.

The fans confessed that they have never seen RiRi live in concert and will struggle to afford tickets now they have been hit with the fine.

"For a moment, in court, we thought it was going to go our way - but then we ended up with this massive fine. More than anything we'd like to see Rihanna live but we'll never afford it now," he admitted.

Meanwhile, Rihanna is reportedly looking at setting up a base in the UK after she was seen looking at flats in London during her current stay in the country.