Rihanna's Facebook hacked

4 March 2011, 08:26 | Updated: 4 March 2011, 08:32

A Rihanna fan has come to her rescue after her Facebook page was hacked.

@MBesonen tweeted Rihanna to say "What's up with your facebook page?? Did you get hacked?? Just thought Id let you know before it got out of hand. :) <3 U!"

The star was soon on the case and in an angry mood, replying "HUH??? I'm checkin it out now. My facebook is hacked! Standby #******hackers"

Earlier in the day Rihanna had been paying tribute to her fans on Twitter, "Wow Im here thinkin abt how much work u guys put into be true fans How much love,loyalty and dedication. Wish I cud meet u all 2 say THANK U" and "U really don't have to care, buy music, concert tickets, camp out at the hotels to say hi! But u do, and u CHOOSE to & I love u so much 4 it".

The star is currently in Sydney.