Rihanna on Katy Perry's hen party

Our evening show host Kat Shoob sat down with the gorgeous Rihanna to chat about her upcoming album, her new flame-haired barnet and the stories about what went down at Katy Perry's hen do!

Usually artists release an album, promote three or more singles from the album, do some touring and then disappear to have a break and work on their next album. Not so with Rihanna, as off the back of last year's much discussed album 'Rated R', the 22 year old won't be taking a rest as her her next album 'Loud' will be released on November 22nd.

So if you want to know what happened on Katy Perry's hen do take a listen to our interview with Rihanna below:

Kat Shoob chats with Rihanna

Rihanna at Capital October 2010