Get Well Soon, Niall! 1D Star Niall Horan Has Been Struck Down Ill Before Christmas

21 December 2016, 14:55

Niall Horan

The star took to Twitter to tell fans he’s “worse” than he thought.

We feel for Niall Horan right now – it’s annoying being ill at any time of the year, but the One Direction star has been struck down with a serious chest infection just days before Christmas.

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Tweeting about his illness – and having a tongue in cheek conversation with 5SOS’ Ashton Irwin – Niall initially thought he had a chest infection but it ended up being “f**king worse”.

Niall then told fans he should have listened to his mother in the first place when she told him not to go out with wet hair – and everyone knows mums know best, right?

Fingers crossed Niall will be right as rain by the big day – even if we now have mental images of him and Ashton having a cheeky snog! Feel better, Niall! 


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