Which Member Of One Direction Would Niall Not Trust With His Naked Girlfriend?

14 October 2016, 17:16 | Updated: 14 October 2016, 17:26

League Of Their Own Niall Horan

Spoiler: It's none of them.

When we found out that Niall Horan would be appearing on ‘A League Of Their Own’, we basically lost all chill. 

And FYI, you can learn a hell of a lot about Niall during the episode.

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Most importantly though, he revealed which member of One Direction he wouldn’t trust with his naked girlfriend.

Not entirely sure why such a situation would ever arise, but let’s just roll with it. 

So, let us educate you:

Lesson 1: Niall wouldn’t leave any of One Direction alone with his naked girlfriend. 

But he trusted Harry the least.  

Lesson 2: Niall can actually dance. 

Check out that booty shake.

Lesson 3: He’s actually really good at football.


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