11 Skills You Didn't Know Zayn Malik Had - Via The Medium Of Vine

21 March 2015, 07:00

Zayn Malik is pretty great at being a One Direction heart throb but have you seen the secret skills he also possesses? Here are our favourite 11 in the form of six-second amazingness.

Zayn Malik ain't just a pretty face, you know! As well as having a great singing voice and big brown eyes you could LITERALLY drown in, Zayn possess a few other secret skills. As well as finding out a bit more about Mr Malik, it's also a great excuse to stare at a bunch of six-second videos of his beautiful face. And let's face it, it just doesn't get much better than that! 

1. Speaking Spanish 

Ok, so we're not 100% convinced that he could say much more than these words en Espanol, but it is HELLA sexy hearing Zayn's little Spanish accent. YUM. 

2. Sometimes he speaks another language without realising

Yup, Zayn is just THAT talented at languages that he can slip into speaking Japanese, evidently without realising he was doing it. You can give us some private language lessons if you like? 

3. He's excellent at role-play

Ok, so being a SEED is probably not the sexiest thing ever, but I'm sure we can work on it… The basic role-playing skills are there so that's a good start. 

4. The boy can GRIND!

Ooooh yeah, baby! Zayn's got some killer hip action that's making us want to weep a little bit. And re-watch this clip on loop, obvs. 

5. He does his own stunts

So realistic, it's SCARY. These two need to be snapped up by Hollywood, pronto! 

6. He's the fittest footballer since David Beckham

Ok, so we don't know what Zayn's ball skills are actually like, we were too busy perving on him in his kit. You can't really blame us though, can you?

7. He's REALLY good at geography

Zayn is basically a walking Sat Nav. Like, if you ever need directions or just to know which town you're in, Zayn is your man. Errmmmmm… 

8. He is good at banging 

Oi! Get your minds out of the gutter! We mean the drums, obvs…. 

9. He's SERIOUSLY good at dancing

As if the grinding wasn't enough, Zayn likes to use any excuse to get his groove on. We can totally get on board with this! 

10. He's part vampire

Seriously, we LOVED Twilight but HOW much better would Twilight have been if Zayn had been in it?! 

11. And of course, he has the voice of an angel! 

Well, we couldn't NOT feature Zayn's bestest skill. You're welcome. 

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