The Directioners Have Spoken… And THIS Is What They Want As The Next 1D Single

13 May 2015, 11:14

Louis Tomlinson Hotel

One Direction fans got one of the boys' 'Four' album tracks trending this week, as they demand a single release for the song.

It's no secret that One Direction's fans are among the MOST vocal in the pop world, making sure their voices are heard when it comes to their four favourite boys.

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And now the Directioners have launched a campaign to have 'No Control' released as the next single from One Direction's 2014 album 'Four', showing that the Louis Tomlinson led number is a TRUE fan favourite.

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And Louis himself has even showed his support for the campaign and how much it means to him, tweeting: "This is solo incredible guys! Another example of how good you are to us!"

The hashtag #WeWantNoControlAsASingle has now been trending worldwide for much of the past day. Proof the Directioners are pretty much UNSTOPPABLE when it comes to getting their voices heard!

What do you think? Would you like to hear 'No Control' as the next 1D single? Or do you have ANOTHER favourite from their album 'Four'?

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