One Direction's New Music Video: Fans Speculate About Song Choice

25 March 2014, 15:12 | Updated: 25 March 2014, 15:18

One Direction Filming Video

The Directioners have been tweeting all day to guess which track is getting the music video treatment next.

One Direction confirmed this week that they have been shooting a brand new music video out in Somerset this week, with fans quickly taking to Twitter to speculate about which song it will be for.

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Fans have suggested 'Midnight Memories' album tracks like 'Diana', 'You And It' and 'Don't Forget Where You Belong' as potential choices for the new video, while many are pointing at 'Through The Dark' as the most likely song for the video treatment.

Other fans have also tweeted to suggest it could be a brand new song that doesn't feature on 'Midnight Memories', either for a film soundtrack or as an early preview for the boys' next record.

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See what One Direction fans on Twitter are saying this week about the brand NEW 1D music video:

1. This Directioner seems dead certain the band are shooting a promo for album track 'Through The Dark'.


2. And they're not the only ones...


3. Some fans are only just picking up on the new that Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam have been on their secret shoot this week...


4. This One Direction supporter is hoping fan-favourite track 'You & I' is the video in question


5. Which track do you think the band are shooting their music video for?


6. Could it be for 2013 promotional release 'Diana'?


7. Other fans don't seem to mind which song it's for… they're just excited to see the finished video!


8. Of course, in true Directioner style, the excitement levels are VERY high


9. The One Direction boys must be loving the suspense about what they're working on out in sleepy Somerset


10. Come on boys... put the fans out of their misery already