One Direction's Girlfriends Intentionally Left Out Of This Is Us 3D, Says Morgan Spurlock

3 September 2013, 11:58

The This Is Us director says he didn't want any awkward scenarios so did not focus on the band's love lives.

One Direction's movie director Morgan Spurlock says he intentionally left the band's romances out of their 3D concert movie This Is Us.

The 'Live While We're Young' stars launched their new film at the end of August, following their journey on their US tour and over the past few months, but the movie did not feature any of the band members' girlfriends or romances.

"I made it a point to leave relationships out of the film," This Is Us director Morgan Spurlock revealed to MTV News. "They're young men and from the very beginning I said I don't really want to have their girlfriends [or] relationship be in the movie.

"'Cause god forbid in the middle of this shooting, somebody breaks up with a girlfriend," he explained. "And now I've got a story point that really isn't a story point, it doesn't really matter."

Check out a picture of One Direction with Morgan Spurlock at the world premiere of This Is Us 3D below:

The Super Size Me director went on to promise fans there will be a lot of DVD extras they will like that didn't make it onto the theatrical cut of the film.

"So things that didn't relate to that kind of ended up on the cutting room floor," he added. "And hopefully they'll all end up on a great box sex [or] DVD sometime."

One Direction were spotted filming a new music video in London last week.