One Direction's Harry Styles Shoe Attack Gets Spoofed By Austin Powers - Video

28 February 2013, 10:42

Watch a special edition of the 'Live While We're Young' being struck by Random Task's flying shoe.

The video of One Direction's Harry Styles being hit in the groin by a shoe has been spoofed with a clip from Austin Powers.

The 'Live While We're Young' star was hit by the object while performing during One Direction's 'Take Me Home' tour in Glasgow earlier this week.

The fan who threw the shoe has since apologised for the incident.

Now a video of the shoe being thrown has been spoofed using a clip from Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery.

In the video, the character Random Task is shown throwing a shoe, which at first Harry catches, but when he throws another shoe it strikes the 'Kiss You' singer where it hurts.

The video ends with Austin Powers saying: "Who throws this shoe?"

Watch the Austin Powers edition of Harry Styles being hit by a shoe below:

The UK leg of One Direction's 'Take Me Home' UK tour continues in Cardiff on Friday (1st March).