One Direction's Harry Styles Talks His "Idol" David Beckham: "He's A Really Nice Guy"

16 December 2013, 09:50 | Updated: 16 December 2013, 09:52

One Direction American Music Awards 2013

The 'Story Of My Life' star says he still hopes David will receive a knighthood sometime soon.

One Direction's Harry Styles has opened up on his "idol" David Beckham, and says the former England footballer is a "really nice guy".

The 'Best Song Ever' star also reiterated his past comments about wanting the football star to receive a knighthood in the future.

Harry joked that while growing up he often had to think of someone else to describe as his idol because everyone always picked David Beckham.

"I think he was everybody's idol when I was growing up," Harry told OK! Magazine this week. "When people asked you that question you almost needed a back-up answer because everyone would say David Beckham.

"We actually met once when we were performing in LA," Harry recalled. "He brought his kids to our concert. He's a really nice guy."

Echoing comments Harry made to Capital earlier this month the UK singer said he hopes "national treasure" David becomes a Sir one day.

"I think he really deserves it. It makes sense because he's such a national treasure," Harry added. "To be honest, i already though he was Sir David Beckham anyway?"

One Direction performed live on The X Factor UK live final on Sunday (15th December