One Direction: "Flashing Fans Are Quite Embarrassing"

28 September 2012, 12:58

The 'Live While We're Young' group say they are used to girls flashing their breasts at them.

One Direction's Niall Horan has said it is "quite embarrassing" when their female fans flash their breasts.

The group recalled one particularly embarrassing experience in Sweden during their interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, which airs tonight (28th September).

One Direction said they were in their car when some girls ran up and pressed their breasts against the car windows, according to the Daily Mirror.

"The Swedish fans were pressing their breasts up against the car window," Louis Tomlinson said.

Niall Horan added: "It was quite embarrassing!"

One Direction are currently promoting their new single 'Live While We're Young':

The 'Live While We're Young' singer also spoke about what it was like to hear their fans' screams during the interview.

"After you have been on stage it sounds like you've been in a tunnel for 10 minutes because of all the screaming," Niall said.

One Direction release their new single 'Live While We're Young' on Sunday (30th September). The song is the first to be taken from their forthcoming album 'Take Me Home'.