One Direction's 'Best Song Ever' Music Video Shows How They "Break The Rules"

23 July 2013, 10:34

The video's director says it's perfect to show how the band won't be changed by their fame and fortune.

One Direction's music video for new single 'Best Song Ever' is meant to show off the band's uniqueness as a boy band, according to the video's director.

The 'Kiss You' five-piece's latest video received its first play on Capital TV yesterday (22nd July), and the aim of the video was to show how One Direction do what they want and won't change for anybody.

"The film the we've made 'This Is Us' is really the boys' story, and it's not trying to make them anything they're not," director Ben Winston explained to MTV News. "That's what's incredible about One Direction, I think, is that they are a boy band that break all the rules and always do what they want to do.

"And part of loving One Direction is sort of understanding they are their own men and they do what they want to do at all times," the director revealed. "They dance if they want to dance, They'll sing the tunes [they want to]. They'll dress however they want to dress and that, I guess, is sort of a part of the video.

"The punch line, of course, is this is us, don't try to make us anybody we're not," he added. "We are who we are and we're never going to change for anybody."

View a still of Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan in costume below:

The new music video sees One Direction stars Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan each taking on a different, stereotypical Hollywood-style character.

New single 'Best Song Ever' is out now and comes just weeks before the release of One Direction's new film This Is Us, due out in cinemas on 30th August.