The Internet Thinks That Liam Payne's Rollacoaster Magazine Cover Was Photoshopped To Remove His Nipples...

22 March 2017, 13:53

Liam Payne

All the important news.

One Direction lad Liam Payne has been attempting to launch his own solo career which, most recently, has included a high-profile photo shoot with super cool magazine, Rollacoaster. 

But sadly for Payno, the cover is gaining attention for all the wrong reasons. 

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Liam Payne on the cover of Rollacoaster

Fans were admiring his new cover when they began questioning one thing: Where are his nipples?

Which is obviously a very important question. 

Look closely - we dare you to try and find them. 

However, photographer Buzz White (coolest name ever?) has now come out and attempted to offer an explanation on Instagram, stating that the angle of the photo is to blame. 

“For all those that are quick to pass comments on my @liampayne cover for @rollacoastermagazine regarding the over use of retouching. As you can see from the before and after shots that NO REMOVAL of the nipple has occurred. It’s merely down to the angle of how it was shot”, he commented. 

So, the mystery of Liam Payne’s disappearing nipples has been solved. You can all go about your day now.

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