Harry Styles Has Signed A Solo Record Deal & We're Really Worried About The Future Of 1D

24 June 2016, 11:03

Harry Styles


Directioners, we have some news and we’re not sure how much hope it will give you for a One Direction reunion in the near future. 

Prepare yourselves.

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Harry Styles

Harry Styles has signed a solo record deal. 

Whilst Zayn Malik may have been the first from the boyband to go solo, it doesn’t look like he will be the last as the Mr Styles has reportedly followed in his footsteps by signing a deal with Columbia Records. Yep, the same Columbia Records that looks after One Direction in America.

Sadly, there is no timeline for when we can expect any solo stuff for the man himself, but it’s quite exciting, right?! 

Although, we do wonder if this means that a full One Direction reunion is a way off yet… if they get back together at all.

Some fans were on board with the idea: 

Whilst others are LESS than impressed... 

Watch this space!

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