Here's What Happens When Thousands Of People Think Your Phone Number Is Harry Styles'

21 March 2016, 16:10 | Updated: 6 December 2018, 12:57

harry styles

Basically this guy's phone went crazy.

You'll have probably seen that poor Harry Styles' mum had her iCloud hacked and loads of personal photos were leaked to Twitter, NOT COOL. Supposedly the same person claimed that they have Harry's phone number too. EVEN MORE NOT COOL. 

You might have heard of 'White Eskimo' - Harry was in the band before X Factor


Their Twitter account got hacked, supposedly leaking Harry's number

Harry Styles Leaked Number


Except it wasn't actually his number, it was this poor random guy's; 'Nick.'

Nick - Harry Styles Leaked


Straight away he knew something wasn't right


And then his phone basically went into meltdown


Literally, the texts flooded in


And in


Just in case there was *any* confusion


As soon as people noticed what had happened, update accounts tried stopping fans from bombarding his number


But that didn't really help. 


Poor Nick. 

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