Confused About All This Harry Styles/Dylan O’Brien/Teen Wolf Talk? Here’s The TRUTH Behind It All!

23 May 2016, 14:11

Dylan O'Brien & Harry Styles

Social media’s been going cray cray with talk Harry’s joining the teen show. But the plot thickens…

Rumour were flying around a LOT last week about Harry Styles joining the cast of Teen Wolf after an interview with the show-runner went viral on social media.

Tyler Posey Gives A HEART-BREAKING Update On Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner Accident! #Bromance

The ‘interview’ suggested the show is VERY keen to have the One Direction star join the cast alongside lead Tyler Posey - with some outlets even reporting he may replace injured star Dylan O’Brien.

But now MTV has gone on record to say that the interview with Teen Wolf show-runner Jeff Davis was COMPLETELY fake, which means it looks like the talk about Harry joining is just that… all talk!

Harry’s been at the centre of a swirl of casting rumours - linked to a LOT of shows over the past few months - in the cake of being cast in Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk.

So no Harry on Teen Wolf - now all we need to know is… is Dylan’s character Stiles DEFINITELY back for season 6?

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