QUIZ: Can we guess your favourite One Direction song?

13 September 2020, 11:57

Liam Payne shared a video full of One Direction memories on TikTok

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

It's OBVIOUSLY 'What A Feeling', right?

We've all got our fave One Direction songs – but can we accurately guess what yours is? There's over 100 songs in One Direction's discography so including them all in this quiz would be impossible, so we've narrowed it down. Here's how to play:

There are 10 One Direction songs in the quiz below: 'What Makes You Beautiful', 'Little Things', '18', 'No Control', 'What A Feeling', 'Best Song Ever', 'History', 'Happily', 'Story Of My Life' and 'Perfect'.

Choose your favourite track out the 10 listed above. Remember it. And hit play on the quiz below and we'll see if we can guess which one you've picked. READY?

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