The funniest meme of 2019 is a Vine of three people dancing to One Direction

18 February 2019, 18:28

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

An old 'Act My Age' Vine has inspired the funniest One Direction meme ever...

2019 is in full swing and the memes are out of control. Over the past few weeks alone, the internet has come up with memes that are up there with some of the greatest viral moments of all time. It's already hard to imagine what life was like before the world started choking Sasuke, before 'bust down Thotiana' became so much more than just a lyric, or before we were blessed with powerful Shaggy.

And yet none of these memes compare to the latest one that's breaking the internet. Cast your minds back to 2014. In 2014, we got 'Anaconda', Jane the Virgin and The Guardians of the Galaxy. The flavour. Not only that, but Vine reigned supreme and One Direction were still together. Now, an iconic One Direction inspired Vine has made its triumphant return and the memes are incredible.

Check out the funniest 'Act My Age' memes below.

The funniest One Direction 'Act My Age' Vine dance memes
The funniest One Direction 'Act My Age' Vine dance memes. Picture: Twitter // CBS

The Vine is simple. In it, three people dance perfectly in time to One Direction's Four deep cut 'Act My Age'. It's celebratory, iconic and, most importantly, hilarious. And now people all around the world are applying the clip to the funniest scenarios all in the name of viral content. With that in mind, we've scoured the internet and gathered together the best 'Act My Age' memes below.

Let's start with The Titanic.

Why does this make sense?

It's already gotten biblical.

I'm crying.

The three little pigs snapped.

Architectural icons.

This is too true.


Anyone who's ever worked in retail can I get an amen?

Chatting in the stock room is who you survive retail.

The meme is perfect for witches.

Macbeth had no chance.

All kinds of witches.

We see no lies.

Hocus Pocus hive where you at?

A film.

Obviously the Baudelaires were included.

Every single time.

Shout out to evolution.

Small mammals outsold dinosaurs.

This got real deep all of a sudden.


Destiny's Child fans know.

Well it's better for you to go home than to not have luggage.

This took an unexpected turn.

Practice safe sex huns.

We love a historical meme.


This one is for all the horoscope readers out there.

It makes sense.

And last but not least...

...we need to log off.