Olly Murs: "I'm Worried I Will Stay Single Forever"

10 January 2012, 09:13 | Updated: 10 January 2012, 09:20

The 'Heart Skips A Beat' star admits he wants to settle down and have kids.

Olly Murs has confessed that he is worried he will never manage to find someone to settle down and start a family with.

The 'Dance With Me Tonight' singer has opened up about his future plans and believes all the best looking girls in the industry are already taken.

Speaking to Now Magazine about his success, he said: "The worrying thing is that I could have all of this but no one to share it with in ten years time.

"I want to be in a stable relationship and have kids by the time I'm 30. I want to be in love and have a wife, but I'm three years off that."

He added: "Name me a single girl in the industry who's young, hot and not taken. All the fit ones are going out with someone. To be honest, I'm having a bit of a nightmare."

The former X Factor contestant still lives at home with his parents and admitted that this can sometimes pose as a problem for the star.

"My mum and dad wouldn't let me have girls over. They're only allowed to come over for dinner and do it properly," he revealed.

Meanwhile, the Essex born star has been pictured enjoying his Caribbean winter vacation recently before he heads back to the UK to start preparations for his upcoming UK tour.