Olly Murs Says He Keeps Romantic Life Quiet: "I've Been Dating Away From The Limelight"

18 June 2013, 16:11

The 'Troublemaker' singer says he prefers to keep the ladies in his life out of the media spotlight.

Olly Murs says he tries to keep his romantic life "under the radar" and doesn't like being recognised when he is out on a date.

The 'Dear Darlin' singer says he is lucky in that much of his dating life has stayed out of the media so far, but says it can be "awkward" when fans come up to him while he is out with a girl.

"I try and keep girls under the radar," Olly admitted to The Sun this past weekend. "I have been dating but away from the [limelight].

"I need to keep my situation to myself," the UK singer explained. "I love being in the limelight, but it can be awkward when you go for a drink with a girl and people recognise you.

"In terms of my love life, girls I sleep with and girls I have fun with, I'd rather keep it quiet," Olly added.

Check out a picture of Olly Murs on stage at the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2013 two weeks ago below (Credit: Derek Bremner):

The 'Army Of Two' singer was speaking backstage during the opening weekend of Robbie Williams' 'Take The Crown' tour, which sees him taking on the support slot to mentor Robbie.

Olly Murs has promised to keep releasing more singles from his album 'Right Place Right Time' over the remainder of 2013 before returning with a new album next year.