Olly wants to woo Italian ladies

Olly Murs has told Capital FM that his New Year's resolution is to learn some new languages so he can chat up women across Europe.

Last year the X-Factor star learned to play the guitar but in 2011 it's all about learning the lingo of love.

"My New Year's resolutions are always practical.  This year to try and impress the ladies, just a little bit I've decided to learn a language. Imagine being able to go to Italy or Sweden and chat up the ladies"

Meanwhile Olly's admitted he's back in the gym after indulging himself over the festive period.

"I had an absolute ball, I had the greatest time with my family, ate so much food.Literally, I'm straight back in the gym I've eaten so many selection boxes, Miniature Heroes Quality Street, Roses, you name it I've got it in my tummy. I've definitely put on something"