Nicki Minaj Grammy Awards 2012 Performance Features On Stage Exorcism

13 February 2012, 06:58 | Updated: 13 February 2012, 07:07

The rapper performed a heavily religious rendition of new song 'Roman Holiday' at the Los Angeles event.

Nicki Minaj gave one of the most talked about performances at the Grammy Awards 2012 after being involved in an on stage exorcism during her live rendition of new song 'Roman Holiday'.

The star opened her show by confessing a sin to a priest and sang the opening lines to "I Feel Pretty" before a pre recorded clip was shown mirroring scenes from the film The Exorcist.

The star had arrived to the event with a gentlemen dressed as the Pope as she wore a flamboyant red nun-like religious attire.

When she began to get into the track, the heavily religious imagery was apparent for all to see and at one point she rose into the air in what was played out as an exorcism.

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