Miley Cyrus posted a twerking video and people have some opinions

19 July 2019, 11:59

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Twerking Miley is back in the building.

Miley Cyrus is having a hot girl summer and she wants everyone to know it. The 'Mother's Daughter' singer shared a video of herself shaking her butt to Megan Thee Stallion's hit 'Simon Says' and the internet has some thoughts.

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Miley shared a load of videos to her Instagram Story showing off her, um, twerking abilities in a teeny white crop top and black shorts. Miley nailed quite a few of the moves to be fair and at one point she drops it down low, and gyrates her butt whilst her head is on the ground. My weak arms could never…

It was clear Miley was going a little stir crazy at home as she captioned her clips, "someone come over" and "LOL #MeTime Isn't this what everyone does when they're home alone on a Wednesday evening".

Miley Cyrus performs on the Pyramid stage during day five of Glastonbury Festival/twerking video
Miley Cyrus performs on the Pyramid stage during day five of Glastonbury Festival/twerking video. Picture: Getty/Twitter:@mileycyrus

She even reached out to Britney Spears and asked her to join the twerkathon, writing: "@britneyspears commmme over lets dooooo choreooooooo."

If case you have erased it from your memory, Miley was a notorious twerker. In 2013, she famously twerked on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards during a performance with Robin Thicke "to make history". However, Miley's onstage attics shocked her fans especially after years of her wholesome Hannah Montana image. She was also accused of cultural appropriation for jumping on the "hood" stereotype bandwagon.

Anyway, that hasn't stopped Miley. She even shared the clips to Twitter and captioned it:"hot girl summer," getting a response from Megan Thee Stallion herself.

Alas, not everyone was so keen on Miley's moves…

However, Miley fans defended her because after all, she's just trying to live her best life.

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