Miley Cyrus Proves She Has A Heart Of Gold By Buying A 'The Voice' Contestant Her Dream House...

2 January 2018, 14:34

If you needed yet ANOTHER reason to love Miley...a

Miley Cyrus is pretty much the loveliest person around. Not only did she introduce us to 'Hannah Montana' all of those years ago, but she's gona and done something that kinda has us weeping.

After mentoring her on 'The Voice', Miley bought Janice Freeman the house that she wanted, after housing them in an apartment and paying for six month's worth of rent.

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A post shared by NBC's The Voice (@nbcthevoice) onDec 27, 2017 at 10:00am PST

Janice posted an emotional video to Instagram, where she thanked Miley Cyrus, referring to her as her "best friend".

"Miley, you have been the best thing that has ever happened to me, in my entire life, and I appreciate you," said Janice on her Instagram Live. "You will have a friend for life and anything that you need from me, I am here, so thank you for what you have given me."

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Great. Now we're crying too.

And when she's not housing her mates, she's... Licking postage stamps. Classic Miley.