Miley Cyrus Doesn't Want To Feel Like A Mentor To Justin Bieber

15 October 2013, 10:52

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer says she is "not really" as good friends with Justin as people assume.

Miley Cyrus says people often assume she is better friends with Justin Bieber than she actually is, while saying she feels more mature than the 'Boyfriend' singer.

The 'We Can't Stop' singer has often been credited as a mentor to 19 year-old singer Justin, but says she doesn't like to think of herself that way.

"A little bit, but not really," Miley told the Sunday Times, when asked if she is friends with the Canadian pop star. "I'm not much older than him, so I never want it to feel like I'm mentoring him.

"But I do mentor him in a way," she explained. "Because I've been doing this s**t for a long time."

Check out a picture of Miley Cyrus at her album launch recently below (Credit: Getty):

Earlier this month Miley launched her new album 'Bangerz', and has since said she hopes her Britney Spears collaboration 'SMS (Bangerz)' will be a future single