Viral video of Miley Cyrus and her bodyguard sparks debate and wild theory

7 February 2024, 17:13

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Being a full time conspiracy theorist must be exhausting."

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A viral video of Miley Cyrus and her bodyguard on the Grammys red carpet has sparked a debate on social media, all thanks to an umbrella.

Last weekend (Feb 4), Miley absolutely dazzled at the award ceremony where she put on an incredible performance and ended up winning her first ever Grammy. Countless videos of Miley have been shared in their thousands since Sunday, including her acceptance speech where people think she purposely omitted her father Billy Ray Cyrus and her sister Noah.

But another clip of the star walking the red carpet has prompted a lot of conversation about her safety and whether or not her security detail was secretly armed. But what is the truth?

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Video of Miley Cyrus and her bodyguard goes viral and sparks debate on social media
Video of Miley Cyrus and her bodyguard goes viral and sparks debate on social media. Picture: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy, via X/Twitter

The clip in question, which simply shows Miley strolling down the carpet as she waves at the cameras with her team in tow, has now had over 76 million views.

The caption on one viral tweet reads: "Pay close attention to Miley Cyrus’s bodyguard in this video at the Grammys all is not as it seems."

No other details were given in the post, but the insinuation was that the umbrella was actually a concealed weapon.

Some people bought into the theory, saying it was an "assault umbrella", with another user theorising it was a decoy: "Real weapon concealed by the black coat. Oldest trick in bodyguard book."

Others shot it down, with one commenting: "Being a full time conspiracy theorist must be exhausting." It was also pointed out that those who were adamant it was a concealed weapon forgot one very important detail: It was pouring down with rain on Grammys night.

Several celebs, including Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, had to make to their way to the red carpet in the wind and rain, with their security detail all carrying their umbrellas for them.

In response to the viral conversation, LadBible asked a security expert if it was possible that Miley's bodyguard was carrying a weapon. He said bodyguards "do use things like umbrellas for protection, and at certain events bodyguards have permission to carry concealed weapons."

In this instance though, it might actually just be a literal umbrella to protect Miley from the rain.

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