Lady Gaga & Sir Elton duet at the Grammys.

You need awards ceremonies to start with a bang, and this years was no exception.

2009 was undoubtedly Gagas year as the new Queen of pop, so teaming her with Elton John for a medley was a genius touch.

After romping through Poker Face, Gagas backup singers dragged her off stage into a rejected bin. Cue flames and a moment of confusion.
Then, from under the stage, facing each other at their pianos, came a mud-smeared Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John. (Lets remember, pop fans, that Sir Elton earnt his knighthood, Lady Gaga just started referring to herself as a Lady).
The pair of them started singing Gagas speechless, but managed to drop in some of Sir Eltons classic Your Song.

This sets the bar rather high for the BRIT Awards, doesn't it? All we've heard so far is that Florence & The Machine are due to perform with Dizzee Rascal. Will that top L\dy Gaga and Sir Elton?

Take a look below and tell us, have you gone goo goo for Gaga, or was this a step too far?