Bad Romance Live

Last but definitely not least: it's the star of 2009... the one, the only... LADY GAGA!

Live performance: 'Bad Romance'

For your share of "Gaga - Oooh-La-La" watch the clip below...

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  • Poker Face: One of the biggest worldwide hits of the year. It went #1 in 10 countries, and has become the biggest selling digital single in the UK.
  • Paparazzi: The fourth single off her incredibly successful debut album 'The Fame'. 'Paparazzi' went top 10 in countries all over the world, and peaked at #4 in the UK. The video - an 8-minute short film, was one of the most critically acclaimed videos released this year.
  • LoveGame: The third single off 'The Fame'. Peaked at #19 in the UK.
  • Bad Romance: The first single off the deluxe version of her debut album, now entitled 'The Fame Monster'. So far it has peaked at #5 in the UK.
  • Just Dance: Her fantastic debut single, which spent no more than 3 consecutive weeks at the #1 spot in the UK. It also went to #1 in 6 other countries, including the US.


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Live blog

Phew! We think we need to have a lie down after that. But there's no time to rest! Next it's Lady GaGa. We saw her rehearsal and we can tell you, it looks pretty darn special.

She's the lady of the moment! She's had the biggest selling album of the year! She's known for wearing dresses made of Kermit heads without remorse! No it's not Vera Lynn. It's only Lady bleedin Ga Ga!

The opening beats of 'Dancing In The Dark' are playing. SHE'S HUGE! Oh wait it's just a huge hologram of her against a maths type graph.

It's 'Just Dance''. The big question of everyone's lips is : what is she wearing? Well we can tell you her outfit is pretty amazing.  She's looks like Cheryl Cole in her 'Fight For This Love' type solider garb (but with less clothes!). Red leather cap, red swimsuit complete with red leather gloves!

We're pretty scared by her bejewelled red face, it looks like she's been attacked by diamonds!

'Love Game's next!
FACTOID! The remix of the track features Marilyn Manson

She's got out a stick with a huge shiny bit at the end. We're guessing this is her 'disco stick'!
"I miss you guys" Aw, we miss you TOO Ga Ga!

She's getting down on the piano and throwing her leather gloves into the crowd. She says "You can unwrap me like a present!"

Next is our favourite of her 'Poker Face' but it's almost unrecognisable in its stripped down unplugged version.
"ARE YOU HAVING A GOOD TIME? DO YOU LIKE MY SHOW! I DON'T CARE 'CAUSE YOU CAN'T LEEEEEEAVE!" She's singing as she does Yoga on the piano stool. You know, as you do.

"Don't let anyone tell you you can't be exactly what you want to be, because it's a lie" Well put GaGa as she launches into the all singing, dancing version of 'Poker Face'.

FACTOID! Some of lyrics are from an unreleased song of GaGa's called 'Blueberry Kisses'.

Well we're breathless. GaGa doesn't disappoint with her act which is next level.
The backdrop video is of her dancing in a black leather all in one, while the strange Rubik's cube shapes stand on the stage.

Next is our favourite of her 'Paparazzi'. Last time she played this live at the MTV Awards she pretended to get shot! Will that happen tonight?
FACTOID! The video plays homage to Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'.

 She's wearing black cocktail feathers, a basque and a crisscross mask. We don't think she'll wear this getup down the shops.

And ideas what her arm tattoo says?

New song 'Teeth' now. It sounds like a Gypsy romp! "SHOW YOUR TEETH" she says, like a really on edge dentist!

GaGa and her dancers are showing us their teeth like a pack of werewolves.
"You're one of my favourite cities in the whole world, do you know that?" She's thrown her gloves into the audience.. And now she's sitting on one of her dancers before playing 'Bad Romance' on piano. "Anyone want to get some fish and chips with me?" Ok!

FACTOID! The song was first premiered at Alexander McQueen's fashion show.

"Get your paws up" she says, and now, flanked by two dancers, she's crawling on the floor werewolf style.

She's working the catwalk, and Voguing up on the stage. This could be the best moment of the night.

"Thank you London, I love you!". She and her dancers are taking their bow. Bye GaGa we love you, despite being madder than a bag of badgers...