Lady Gaga Gets 156 Million YouTube Video Views Wiped

29 January 2013, 14:37

The 'Bad Romance' singer's official channel suffers from the new clean out by the file sharing site.

Lady Gaga has seen her official YouTube account reduced by 156 million views.

The action comes about a month after the file sharing site wiped over 2 billion views from an array of major label acts including Chris Brown and Beyonce.

The 'Bad Romance' singer's channel has been affected due to YouTube "cleaning out" views which had been charted from an artists individual channel and had subsequently moved to VEVO.

A spokesperson said at the time of the first clean out that any "dead" videos had been removed from the site as they were no longer live.

YouTube initially decided to conduct on audit of their site due after suspecting view count building techniques were being implemented by hackers – creating false records.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is currently working on her new album 'ARTPOP' and recently confirmed she is recording a Jazz record with legend Tony Bennett.

She has also been taking to Twitter this week to offer her prayers to the victims of the recent nightclub fire in Brazil which killed 232 people.