Lady Gaga Arrives In Tokyo After Twitter Account Is Hacked

20 December 2011, 09:59 | Updated: 20 December 2011, 10:04

Hackers target the 'Marry The Night' star's Twitter page as she heads off on festive trip.

Lady Gaga has arrived in Tokyo just hours after her Twitter account was hacked.

The 'Born This Way' star's personal account was targeted by hackers just as she was preparing to head to the Far East.

The hackers posted a fake competition for Apple iPad 2 tablets, which were later taken down.

After regaining control of her Twitter account, Lady Gaga wrote: "Phew. The hacking is over! And just in time, I'm on my way to Japan! So excited to spend Xmastime with my TokyoMonsters!"

In another message, she added: "Ready for redwine and 12 hrs of napping. Is it weird I like flying because I can sleep and my t-t-telephone has no service? #stopcallin wee!"

The 'Marry The Night' singer has since arrived at Japan's at Narita International Airport, where she was greeted by hundreds of fans.

Lady Gaga arrives in Japan.

Lady Gaga arrives in Japan