Lady Gaga tells of drugs hell

Lady Gaga has told of her drugs hell.

She told Neil Strauss in his book 'Everyone Loves You When You Are Dead': 'Sometimes it freaks me out or should I say it petrifies me- when I think about laying in my apartment in New York with bed bugs and roaches on the floor and mirrors with cocaine everywhere, and no one will interest in doing anything but making music and getting high

'I've had such obstacles with drugs and rejection and people not believing in me. It's been a very long and continuous road that I love, but it's hard to just chalk it up to myself. I have to believe there's something greater then myself.'

She added that she'd brought the problems on herself. 'I didn't have a bad childhood. All of the things I went through were on my own quest for an artistic journey to **** myself up like Warhol and Bowie and Mick and just go for it.

'All of the trauma I caused to myself. Or it was cause by people that I met when being outrageous and irresponsible.'