Lady Gaga Signs Fan's Breasts At Tour Show After Hailing Her A "Pink Princess"

18 January 2013, 11:38

The 'Born This Way' singer is seen writing "GA" on each of her Little Monster's breasts after a concert.

Lady Gaga treated one of her biggest fans to a special treat at a recent concert when she agreed to sign her breasts.

The 'Marry The Night' star picked 22 year-old Jana Babez out of the crowd at one of her shows, who then proceeded to flash her breasts at Gaga and the 55,000 strong audience much to the delight of the pop singer herself.

The 'Little Monster' then recalls being invited backstage after the show where she eventually had Gaga sign the words "Ga" on each of her breasts during a meet and greet session.

"Gaga picked me out from the audience calling me a "pink princess"," the fan recalled according to The Sun. "I jumped over the railings losing a shoe along the way (thankfully the security guard handed it back to me).

"When I saw Gaga I flashed my boobs at her and the 55,000 audience members," Jana recalled. "When I went backstage later she pulled my top down backstage and squealed, 'You're the Little Monster who flashed me!'

"She then tweaked my nipple and insisted on signing them," the fan claims. "Afterward she looked at her masterwork and said, 'Please don't get that tattooed. I know it's my name but it's really ugly."

The 'You & I' singer is currently taking her 'Born This Way Ball' tour across North America after kicking off the latest leg earlier this week in Tacoma, where she also debuted her Brave Bus as part of a campaign to combat bullying and youth issues.

Check out a picture of the fan getting her breasts signed by Lady Gaga below (Credit: Eroteme):

It was reported earlier this week that Gaga is hoping to move into the film industry in the next several year, with Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino saying he would love to work with the star.

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way Ball' tour arrived in California last night (17th January) and continues with a number of shows in Los Angeles this coming weekend.