Lady Gaga: "Radio Caused Dance Music Comeback"

13 December 2011, 15:11 | Updated: 13 December 2011, 15:20

The 'Marry The Night' singer says it was radio that helped dance music return to the charts and that her own music simply came out at the right time.

Lady Gaga has denied claims she is the reason dance music has become so prominent in the charts over the past few years.

The 'Born This Way' singer instead credits radio with helping to influence the genre's resurgence, following the success of acts like Rihanna as well as DJs like David Guetta.

"I think that radio has had the biggest influence on the rise of electronic dance music," Gaga told MTV News recently. "I was just one of a few artists at a certain sort of time in radio where more dance music was being played on the top 40.

"But I'm not the person to thank for that. The people to thank for that are [all] the other stations around the country who gave dance music a chance."

Gaga went on to say the music industry still has "a ways to go" towards crediting the electronic dance genre with being just as intrinsic to pop music as other genres like R&B and country are.

She added: "I think that dance music should also be credited as pop music where it's due and vice verse, the way that country and pop is, the way that R&B and pop are."

Gaga recently teased that her reported 450-date two year world tour will be an "exaggerated" version of her recent 'Monster Ball' tour.

Lady Gaga performed a ballet-inspired version of her current single 'Marry The Night' on US chat show Ellen on Friday (9th December) which she described as her "favourite" performance yet.