Lady Gaga now 'approved by Oprah'

Lady Gaga performed live on the Oprah Winfrey show in the US sporting an incredible new look and some rather funky moves.

In the US, chat shows don't get any bigger than Oprah Winfrey. They're probably kicking themselves that since they declared their independence a couple of hundred years ago they lost the right to watch This Morning with Phil and Holly. Anyway, Oprah it is if you're in the US.

Although she'd recently missed a concert due to ill health, the draw of appearing on one of the biggest shows in the US proved to be medicine enough to convince the star to strap-on her boots and shuffle down to the studios.

Oprah introduces Lady Gaga as "the hottest thing in music right now" and after seeing her close-up at our Jingle Bell Ball we'd have to agree. GaGa goes on to sing a medley of Monster, Bad Romance and Speechless.

Best bits:

  • Her shoulder pads are clearly too heavy for her little Gaga shoulders and keep slumping down. Someone get some gaffer tape!
  • She's clearly no good at vandalism - her attempt to smash up a taxi with a spikey disco ball is pathetic.
  • The best bit for us is when she sits down at the piano at the end and sings 'Speechless'.

Watch the performance below and tell us what you think.