Lady Gaga On New Song 'Applause' Online Leak: "I Was Really Not Happy!" - Audio

23 August 2013, 10:35

The 'You & I' singer chats to Capital all about her new song as well as the early release of it last week.

Lady Gaga says the online leak of her new song 'Applause' as "not good" and says she wanted fans to experience everything at once, including the final version of the song and her music video.

The 'Marry The Night' star rush-released her latest single 'Applause' last week after it emerged online, with the video following this week, and says she was "really not happy" about the leak.

No it's not good, it's not good," Lady Gaga exclusively told Capital FM this week. "I was submerged in the bathtub inventing curse words, I was really not happy.

"For me, what I do is theatre so I guess I liken a leak to going to see a musical and none of the actors or dancers come out and you just hear what's going on but there's just a blank stage!

So I really like for everything to happen at once," Gaga explained. "People always say are you afraid people pay too much attention to your outfits and not the music but I've always said sometimes they pay too much attention to the music and not the outfits. I really like people to experience it at once."

However, the US star went on to say she feels a lot better after hearing the positive reaction from her fans, and says the song was influenced by both her home city in New York as well as British influences.

"But I'm really happy that now the video is out everyone gets to see the complete vision," Gaga added. "It was great because that's always the most honest response, it's the first one, it's before anyone has a chance to think or analyse the record.

"That first moment is the visceral response to the music and everyone got so excited, they loved the song, they loved the chorus and how catchy it was.,' she added.The fans were really excited about the vibe of the song in general and that just makes me happy.

Check out a picture of Lady Gaga out in New York at a recording studio below:

The star is set to perform live at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 this weekend (25th August) in Brooklyn, New York.

Lady Gaga will then release her new album 'ARTPOP' on 11th November.

Listen to Lady Gaga talking to Capital FM about the leak of 'Applause' below:

Lady Gaga Responds To 'Applause' Online Leak...