Lady Gaga Wore Michael Jackson's Clothes While Recording New Album 'ARTPOP'

14 August 2013, 09:57

The 'Born This Way' singer says she felt inspired when wearing the 'Billie Jean' star's iconic outfits.

Lady Gaga has revealed she wore some of the late Michael Jackson's clothes while recording her new album 'ARTPOP'.

The 'Marry The Night' singer has purchased a huge collection of the 'Beat It' singer's clothing at auction but says she has no intention of wearing any of the famous pieces on stage.

Despite not wanting to use any of the collection in her own shows the US star has admitted she wore some of his jumpers while in the recording studio working on her third album.

"I recently bought a bunch of Michael Jackson's clothes, his actual clothes from his tours," the 'Born This Way' singer revealed in an interview with Ryan Seacrest this week to promote her new single. "The idea was to keep them for him and I actually don't' really want to wear them.

"They're Michael's clothes," she explained. "There's a couple of pieces I have to the side and I have his sweaters that I put on.

"I wear that when we're mixing and finish up a record," he explained. "I feel something from the clothing. I just feel like through clothes you can feel things."

Check out a picture of Lady Gaga out and about in Los Angeles this week on promotional duties below:

This week saw Lady Gaga unveil her new single 'Applause' early after a series of online leaks, as well as releasing the track in the US.

Lady Gaga is expected to release 'Applause' in the UK sometime this week while her album 'ARTPOP' follows on 11th November.