Lady Gaga Becomes Ballet Dancer For 'Marry The Night' Performance – Video

12 December 2011, 10:31

The 'Born This Way' singer executes an eccentric ballet routine for the performance on the US show.

Lady Gaga performed an impressive version of her new single 'Marry The Night' on the Ellen Degeneres show last Friday (9th December).

Taking to the stage in a pink ballet uniform complete with accentuated slippers and glittery eyebrows, Gaga showed off her flexibility by singing the track whilst moving her legs around the ballet barres.

The Born This Way' singer eventually moved down from her platform to perform a dance routine with her backing group and even took to a pink pyramid keytar towards the end.

Following the performance, host Ellen ran on stage to pose with Gaga as she arched her back to mirror the stance of the star.

Meanwhile, the 'You & I' singer is rumoured to soon be announcing a massive 450-date two year world tour which her producer recently explained will be an "exaggerated Monster Ball". 

You can watch the performance below: