Lady Gaga: "'Marry The Night' Is About My Worst Day"

2 December 2011, 08:45 | Updated: 3 December 2011, 08:30

The 'Born This Way' singer says the music video for her latest single is about the day she was dropped by her first label.

Lady Gaga has revealed the music video for her new single 'Marry The Night' is about one of the worst days of her life.

The 'You & I' singer says the video is a representation of the day she was dropped by her first record label, Island Def Jam.

"It was one of the worst days of my life and it happened quit quickly, but in my mind, when I think back on that period of my life, it all happened very slow," Gaga explained to E! News, about the video's meaning. "It is my personal way of seeing things.

"If you give up after something like that, you were never destined to be an entertainer."

Gaga went on to say she likes having obstacles to achieving her goals because it makes her work harder.

"I love obstacles. To marry your obstacles mean I, the artist, wholeheartedly accept everything you thorw at me," she continued. "I am destined to struggle, I am destined to write music about the struggle, and I accept it willingly."

The music video for 'Marry The Night' is Lady Gaga's official directorial debut, although the singer says she has always been hands-on with her career.

"I've really created everything I've ever done in my career. I really didn't do anything differently on this video that I didn't do on the 'Telephone' video or the 'Paparazzi' video or the 'Bad Romance' video."

Lady Gaga was nominated for three awards at the Grammy nominations ceremony in Los Angeles on Wednesday (30th November) and performed two different songs at the event.

Watch the music video to Lady Gaga's 'Marry The Night' here.