Lady Gaga Was A "Hardcore Student" Says Her New Mentor Marina Abramovic

9 August 2013, 11:13

The Abramovic Method originator says the singer was "humble" and "determined" when they worked together.

Lady Gaga has been hailed as a "hardcore student" who was "incredible" to work with, by performance artist Marina Abramovic.

This week saw the unveiling of a promotional video of Lady Gaga demonstrating the Serbian artist's Abramovic Method, as part of a Kickstarter campaign to launch a new institute for the artist.

The video features Lady Gaga showing off some of the mental and physical exercises, including walking naked and blindfolded through a first.

"I was very impressed with how humble and incredibly determined and hardcore this kid is," Marina revealed to MTV News this week after the video's premiere. "She said, 'I want you to teach me, I want to be your student'.

"She is a hardcore student,' she explained. "I had to blindfold her and she was in the forest for three hours, eaten by mosquitos and spiders, scratched by the bushes.

"It was quite incredible. Whatever I told her she met the exercise absolutely to the end, never complaining," she added. "And my exercises are pretty tough."

Check out a picture of Lady Gaga in the video for The Abramovic Method below:

Lady Gaga is now preparing for the unveiling of her new single 'Applause' later this month before her album 'ARTPOP' drops in November.