Lady Gaga treats superfan

Lady Gaga's been giving a preview of songs from her new one lucky fan.

Ryan Johnson was taken backstage at a recent show to listen to some of the tracks on Born This Way which is due out next year.

In a post and photo on her Twitter feed she says, "Photo of superfan Ryan and I, as he heard my new single backstage for the first time."

And in a message on Gaga's website Ryan says, "Gaga's attitude, dedication and devotion to the new material was so apparent... I could tell how proud she is. She credits Born This Way as her greatest work and it's clear to see why. 2011 is going to be Gaga's year." 

In a tweet earlier this week the superstar wrote - Endless melodies, hooks, + poetry sledge-hammering my skull. It won't be much longer, its almost perfect. But I (we) don't want almost.

Stand-by for the new album!