Lady Gaga

Within twelve months, Lady Gaga has become a true global superstar and we can't wait to see what she brings to the Jingle Bell Ball on December 5th.

Tickets for both nights of the Jingle Bell Ball have now sold out. The only way in now is to win your tickets - keep it Capital to find out how.

She's arguably been the star of 2009, so it's only fitting that the amazing Lady Gaga will be performing at our Jingle Bell Ball.

A year ago, Stefani Germanotta was just another girl from New York, but in the last twelve months as Lady Gaga, she has evolved into a global superstar who will be playing at our Jingle Bell Ball on December 5th.

Theres just too much to discuss when youre talking about GaGa. Her ever-changing quirky outfits, her raunchy stage routines, her odd interviews and her eccentric fascination with pretty British teapots have all captured our imagination over the last year, but lets not forget that shes also released some amazing pop tunes.

Lady GaGa

If you havent picked up or downloaded a copy of her debut album The Fame yet, do it now as its undoubtedly one of our favourite records of the year here at Capital. Its a deliciously catchy chunk of irresistible electro-pop; Lets Dance and Poker Face are undoubted highlights, but there are a so many other gems such as Paparazzi and Lovegame hiding beneath.

After seeing some of her festival sets this year, we literally cannot wait to see what she brings to the O2 Arena stage on December 5th. One thing is for sureyou wont be disappointed.

Lady Gaga

Essential iTunes downloads:

Just Dance
Poker Face

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